We bring you exclusive gay Asian yaoi Comics, updated 4 times per week with new story pages. We have brought toghether the top gay anime artists and writers in Asia to bring you our erotic sexy novels unlike anything you have every seen. These stories and art are extremely erotic and graphic, for adults only!
BOOK 1 - Gay Asian Anime
30 Pages

Meet Takeshi and Yoshi, two hot Japanese boyfriends living in Tokyo. Today is Yoshi's birthday, and he comes home to an extra special surprise. Takeshi gives him a very special present, another boy, and the three have a hot and sensational orgy.

The next day Yoshi gets involved with some shady dealings in a backalley, where he is taken hostage by the gay Yakuza. Now his boyfriend Takeshi must enter the dangerous gay mafia underworld to rescue his lover...

Check out sample pages of 'Gay Asian Anime - Book 1' below!
BOOK 2 - Rise of the Yakuza Love Boys

In this second installment, we find our lovers held captive by Lord Koji, leader of the gay mafia in Shinjuku Ni-Chome (the gay district of Tokyo).

Will Takeshi and Yoshi be able to fight off the gay warlords of Japan? Will they be able to survive or enjoy all the sex and violence? Will they be able to finally get away from the big bad bosses so that they can go back to making hot love with each other? Find out now!

Check out sample pages of 'Rise of the Yakuza Love Boys' below!
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